Monday, February 13, 2012

Reply of a Bedouin

(94) Narrated Ibn Abbas: The Prophet went to visit a sick bedouin. Whenever the Prophet went to a patient, he used to say to him, "Don't worry, if Allah will, it will be expiation (for your sins):" The bedouin said, "You say expiation? No, it is but a fever that is boiling or harassing an old man and will lead him to his grave without his will." The Prophet said, "Then, yes, it is so." (Book #70, Hadith #560)

The visit of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) to the sick was to console and encourage them to face the hardships of sickness. But the Bedouin could not understood the deepness of the words of the Prophet (PBUH) and due to simplicity replied that it is the fever. This saying of Holy Prophet (PBUH) also tells us that we should not differentiate from the little hard words of the sick men.The holy Prophet (PBUH) just accepted what the Bedouin was saying.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Funny Tales from Muslim Authors - The Lover of Brevity

A grammarian and a man accompanied each other in a journey; the grammarian fell ill. The man made his mind to come back to his country; and the grammarian intended to let him carry a letter to his family. So he said to him, "Tell my family, 'he has received pain in his head, has been afflicted with tooth-ache, and has suffered from low breathing. His hands have become weak, feet have been swollen, eyes become fixed and knees have got loosened. He has received pain in his back, beatings in his chest, emaciation in his spleen breach in his joints, palpitation in his heart, pain in his spine, water in his eyes, pain (wind) in his shanks, remission in his lower jaw, throbbing in his temples, essation in his pulses due to constant fainting, so he has become speechless."

The man said, "O my master! Sheikh, I do not want to lengthen the speech but I would say to them, "He has died and good bye."

Funny Tale from Muslim Authors - Abu Dulmah And Ibn Sulayman in Hunting

IT is related that Abu Bulamah (A negro who, as Court Jester, enjoyed the favor of the Abbasid Caliphs Al-Faffah, Al-Mansur, and Al-Mahdi (Third Abbasid Caliph) was displeased with Ali ibn Sulayman. So it happened that Mahdi went out for hunting and with him were Ali and Abu Dulamah. Mehdi threw an arrow at a deer which appeared to him, and pierced through its neck. Ali, who was also with the Caliph on hunting also spotted an animal and threw his arrow and killed that animal. On coming close to that animal it was found that the animal hunted by Ali was just a dog (Dogs are haram i.e. not permissible to be eaten by Muslims). On seeing this, Abu Dulamah extemposrised:-

Al-Mahdi shot an arrow at a deer and transpierced its heart with the arrlow.

And Ali ibn Sulayman Short a dog and hunt it.

Good with for both of them, every person will eat his own provisions.

On hearing his the Mehdi laughed so much that he was about to fall down.

This means that deer is for the Caliph who hunted it, which is delicious meal and halal (permissible to be eaten) in Islam, while Ali who has hunted dog could not eat it as it not permissible to be taken as food. hahaha.....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humor In Islam - What is Permissible and What is Prohibited.

Humor In Islam - What is Permissible and What is Prohibited.

Humor in Islam

Islam is a complete code of life, which covers each and every sphere of human life. Humor is also a part of disposition of a human being and it is impossible to believe that life of holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) may not have covered this very important aspect of life.Though, the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) disapproved the excessive laughing but the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) used to smile and express humorous feelings. Following are some Ahadiths which cover this particular aspect of the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

The Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) said, “The man who narrates something to make other laugh will be hurled to hell.”

However, such respected scholars of the religion forget this hadith which states:-

“One who tells a lie to make others laugh will be hurled to hell.”

The combined reading of the above two ahadith makes it abundantly clear that though the humor is not prohibited in Islam, however, making false statement for the purpose of making others laugh is strictly prohibited. While discussing the disposition of the Holy Prophet (SAW) his companions (raziyallaho anho) says that his light discussion used to adorn worried faces with pleasant smiles. His delightful discussion makes the congregations pleasant and charming. There are many instances of his enchanting disposition, some of which are as under:-

Humor in Islam

Hadith 5:-

Hazrat Ans was the servant of Holy Prophet (SAW) and always used to give all ears to the sayings of Holy Prophet (SAW). One day the Holy Prophet (SAW) called him with delightful disposition, “O man of ears.”

Hadith 6:-

Hazrat Zahir (R.A.) was a Negro Desert Arab companion, who off and on present before the Holy Prophet (SAW)  and used to gift some Metal products to Holy Prophet (SAW). One day Hazrat Zahir (R.A.) was selling his products in the market and by chance Holy Prophet (SAW) also visited the market. Holy Prophet (SAW) silently came close to him and suddenly grasped his neck in his powerful hands and said, “Is there anyone who may want to buy this slave.” Hazrat Zahir started laughing and said, “You will get very little price for this Negro slave (or said” My buyer would be in deficit.” On hearing this the Holy Prophet (SAW) also started laughing and said, “No, only Allah knows how precious you are.” (or in other words, “Your price is too high in the eyes of Allah.”)

Humor in Islam

Hadith 7:-

Once a companion present and following discussion took place between them:-

Companion:      O Prophet of Allah! I have ruined myself.
Holy Prophet (SAW): What has happened to you?
Companion:      I indulged in intercourse with my wife in the state of fasting (which is forbidden).

Holy Prophet (SAW): You have to free a slave.
Companion:      I am very poor and have no slave.
Holy Prophet (SAW): You have to observe fasting for two month.
Companion:      I cannot do this because I am feeble.
Holy Prophet (SAW):   You have to serve with food sixty needy people.
Companion:      I am a poor fellow and cannot do this.

In the meanwhile, a basket of dates was presented before the Holy Prophet (SAW). Then Holy Prophet (SAW) said to him, “Take this basket of dates and distribute the dates among needy.” The companion said, “By God, you will not find a poorer than I in the whole city of Madina.” On this the Holy Prophet (SAW) spontaneously started laughing and said, “O.K you may take these dates for your own consumption.”