Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Funny Tale from Muslim Authors - Abu Dulmah And Ibn Sulayman in Hunting

IT is related that Abu Bulamah (A negro who, as Court Jester, enjoyed the favor of the Abbasid Caliphs Al-Faffah, Al-Mansur, and Al-Mahdi (Third Abbasid Caliph) was displeased with Ali ibn Sulayman. So it happened that Mahdi went out for hunting and with him were Ali and Abu Dulamah. Mehdi threw an arrow at a deer which appeared to him, and pierced through its neck. Ali, who was also with the Caliph on hunting also spotted an animal and threw his arrow and killed that animal. On coming close to that animal it was found that the animal hunted by Ali was just a dog (Dogs are haram i.e. not permissible to be eaten by Muslims). On seeing this, Abu Dulamah extemposrised:-

Al-Mahdi shot an arrow at a deer and transpierced its heart with the arrlow.

And Ali ibn Sulayman Short a dog and hunt it.

Good with for both of them, every person will eat his own provisions.

On hearing his the Mehdi laughed so much that he was about to fall down.

This means that deer is for the Caliph who hunted it, which is delicious meal and halal (permissible to be eaten) in Islam, while Ali who has hunted dog could not eat it as it not permissible to be taken as food. hahaha.....

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