Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humor in Islam

Hazrat Abu Darada says, “I amuse my heart with permissible games because it is not acceptable for me that the heart feels fatigued on compassing righteous things.”

 Hazrat Muhammad Bin Ishaq states that Ibne Abbas when seated among his comrades, discussed with them religious matters and on the next moment says, “Narrate some interesting things.” And then he started narrating fairy tales of Arabian Knights. Thereafter he again started to discuss religious matters. He used to do this again and again.

Abne Ishaq says, “Hazrat Zahri used to narrate ahadith (sayings of profit) and when got tired, asked others to present their humor, poetry and got busy in events which made them fresh.”

Abne Jozi says that sages and scholars always like and get attractive of interesting things because it makes our mind relaxed and vanish the worries of heart.

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