Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Funny Tales from Muslim Authors - The Lover of Brevity

A grammarian and a man accompanied each other in a journey; the grammarian fell ill. The man made his mind to come back to his country; and the grammarian intended to let him carry a letter to his family. So he said to him, "Tell my family, 'he has received pain in his head, has been afflicted with tooth-ache, and has suffered from low breathing. His hands have become weak, feet have been swollen, eyes become fixed and knees have got loosened. He has received pain in his back, beatings in his chest, emaciation in his spleen breach in his joints, palpitation in his heart, pain in his spine, water in his eyes, pain (wind) in his shanks, remission in his lower jaw, throbbing in his temples, essation in his pulses due to constant fainting, so he has become speechless."

The man said, "O my master! Sheikh, I do not want to lengthen the speech but I would say to them, "He has died and good bye."

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