Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humor in Islam

Hadith 12

Hazrat Umer Bin Khattab said, “I must say something before the Holy Prophet (SAW) which make him laugh.” So he went to the Holy Prophet (SAW) and said, “If my wife Binte Zaid will demand maintenance, I will break her neck.” On hearing this the Holy Prophet (SAW)  started laughing.

Hadith 13

Asma, daughter of Yazid said, “Victuals were brought to Muhammad, and he put them before some of us women who were present, and said, “Eat ye.” But notwithstanding we were hungry we said, “We have no inclination.” Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said, “O women! Do not mix hunger with lies.”

Our Holy Prophet (SAW) used to smile to such an extent that his teeth got exposed. Though laughing frequently is disliked because, “excessive laugh makes the hearts lifeless.”

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