Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humor in Islam

Hadith 5:-

Hazrat Ans was the servant of Holy Prophet (SAW) and always used to give all ears to the sayings of Holy Prophet (SAW). One day the Holy Prophet (SAW) called him with delightful disposition, “O man of ears.”

Hadith 6:-

Hazrat Zahir (R.A.) was a Negro Desert Arab companion, who off and on present before the Holy Prophet (SAW)  and used to gift some Metal products to Holy Prophet (SAW). One day Hazrat Zahir (R.A.) was selling his products in the market and by chance Holy Prophet (SAW) also visited the market. Holy Prophet (SAW) silently came close to him and suddenly grasped his neck in his powerful hands and said, “Is there anyone who may want to buy this slave.” Hazrat Zahir started laughing and said, “You will get very little price for this Negro slave (or said” My buyer would be in deficit.” On hearing this the Holy Prophet (SAW) also started laughing and said, “No, only Allah knows how precious you are.” (or in other words, “Your price is too high in the eyes of Allah.”)

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