Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humor in Islam

Hadith 7:-

Once a companion present and following discussion took place between them:-

Companion:      O Prophet of Allah! I have ruined myself.
Holy Prophet (SAW): What has happened to you?
Companion:      I indulged in intercourse with my wife in the state of fasting (which is forbidden).

Holy Prophet (SAW): You have to free a slave.
Companion:      I am very poor and have no slave.
Holy Prophet (SAW): You have to observe fasting for two month.
Companion:      I cannot do this because I am feeble.
Holy Prophet (SAW):   You have to serve with food sixty needy people.
Companion:      I am a poor fellow and cannot do this.

In the meanwhile, a basket of dates was presented before the Holy Prophet (SAW). Then Holy Prophet (SAW) said to him, “Take this basket of dates and distribute the dates among needy.” The companion said, “By God, you will not find a poorer than I in the whole city of Madina.” On this the Holy Prophet (SAW) spontaneously started laughing and said, “O.K you may take these dates for your own consumption.”

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