Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humor in Islam

A very attentive and prudent but poor man in the days of starvation was going towards city when he saw a man going in front of him riding his camel. This fool desert Arab was carrying one bag on each side of the camel. When they met, following conversation took place between them:-

Prudent man: Is it wheat in two bags?”.

Desert Arab: No, one bag is of wheat and the second one is full of sand.

Prudent man: Why you overburdened your camel by keeping sand on it.

Desert Arab: This is done to keep the balance.

Prudent man:    Why you don’t divide the wheat into two bags and throw away the sand. In this way the burden on your camel will be reduced.

Desert Arab did so and he was quite happy and surprised to see that the advice of the prudent man was quite handy. So he asked, “You must be a rich man. How much wealth you have?” The prudent man said, “I have no money at all rather I am starving and going to the city for begging.” On hearing this the Desert Arab got down of his camel, filled the second bag with sand again, loaded on his camel and asked the prudent man to keep away from him so that to be protected from the bad luck with which the said prudent was cursed.

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