Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humon in Islam

Hadith 10

Once some companions along with Holy Prophet (SAW)  were eating dates. Hazrat Sohaib was also one of the said companions whose eye was swelled. The Holy Prophet (SAW)  seeing him said, “All praises are for Allah. Your eye is swelled and you are eating sweet.” Hazrat Sohaib answered, “I am eating sweet for the eye which is not swelled.”

Hadith 11

Once Hazrat Khalid Bin Saeed came to the Holy Prophet (SAW) along with little girl “Ume Khalid). Little Ume Khalid was dressed with red colored frock. The Holy Prophet (SAW)  while addressing the little Ume Khalid said, “Sana Sana.”

Ume Khalid was born in Habsha and Habshi language Sana meant for elegant. So in this context the Holy Prophet (SAW) made the little girl joyful by praising her dress in the language, which she knew well.

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