Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humor in Islam

Someone discussed about a man before Abdullah Ibne Ayesha that he always kept busy in hard work. Ibne Ayesh said, “He has narrowed the meadow on him and lessened his wisdom. If he freed his disposition to jumble up from one state to another, then the knot of narrowness should have been untied and he returned to his hard work with healthy and happy mind.”

Asmai states that Haroon Rashid said, “curious and astounding gossips sharpens the minds and make the ears pleasant.”

Hamad Bin Salma states that Haroon Rashid said, “Witty substances are liked by only those who have manliness and those who have feminine attributes dislike such like subjects.”

It is also clear from above that companions of Holy Prophet (SAW) and other sages and scholars of Islam consider it quite right to please the hearts with witty and humorous topics so that the hearts could easily bear the burden of reality of life.

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