Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humor In Islam - In the light of Sayings of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)

Hazrat Hassan Basri states, “When the Allah Taala created the Adam, He brought out from his right hand the heavenly souls and from his left hand the cursed souls and they all started crawling on earth. Among them were blinds, deaf and disaster victims. After seeing this, Adam said to the God, "Have You not created all my offspring equal?" The Almighty replied, "O! Adam, I want them to be grateful to Me(which is not possible if they are created equal to each other). So after hearing the conditions of fools the intelligent people are bound to be thankful to the Almighty. Secondly, after reading the circumstances of stupid the intelligentsia awake up and struggle to protect him from the ignorance. Thirdly, tales of fools make humans amused, pleased and lightened their hearts.

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