Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humor In Islam - Sayings of Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)

Hadith 8:-

In a gathering the Holy Prophet (SAW) said, “A man in heaven expresses his wish to harvest. He was told that his wish is fulfilled. He said that I want that the crop shall ripe as soon as the seed is sowed. This wish of this heavenly man was also acceded to. He sowed the seeds and crop gets ready for harvest at once.” On hearing this a Desert Arab said, “O! Prophet of Allah, this facet relates to a Quresh or Ansar because they are fond of harvest. We people have no charm in this sort of work.” On hearing this all the companions as well as the Holy Prophet (SAW) started smiling.

Hadith 9:-

A woman attended the Holy Prophet (SAW) and requested for prayer for the recovery of his husband’s health who was suffering from some sort of disease. The Holy Prophet (SAW)  said, “Is your husband is the man who has whiteness in his eyes?” The lady get surprised and went home and started checking her husband’s eyes. Her husband asked, “What are you doing?” She replied that the Holy Prophet (SAW)  said that you have whiteness in your eyes. On hearing this the husband started laughing and asked, “Is there any human on earth who does not has whiteness in his eyes?” Then the lady understood the witty disposition of the Holy Prophet (SAW) whose purpose was to bring a smile on the face of her sick husband.

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